Economics of Education

2015/2018  – Evidence from a Supply and Demand-side Early Childcare intervention in Cambodia, with Jan Berkes (DIW) and D.Filmer (Word Bank) [SIEF page]
2014/2018 – Teacher Training Program on Scientific Skills in French Primary School, with Suzanne Bellue (PSE) and M.Gurgand (PSE) [J-PAL page]
2014/2020 – Non-cognitive Skills in French Middle Schools with Y.Algan (Sciences Po), E.Huillery (University of Dauphine), C.Chevalier (ENS) [J-PAL page], [Report 2017]

Development Economics

2018/2019 The Long term-Impact of Cash Transfer and Child Health Interventions, with Edward Miguel, Craig McIntosh, Prashant Bharadwadj
2018/2020 The impact of a multidimensional program on nutrition and poverty in Burkina Faso, with Andrew Dillon (Northwestern University) [IPA page]

Agricultural Economics

2016/19 – Soil Fertility in Rural Burkina Faso, with M. Frölich (Mannheim University), E. Koussoubé (WB), E. Maiga, 3ie funded project, [IPA page]

2015/18 – Soil Fertility in Rural Ethiopia, with M. Frölich (Mannheim University), Meike Wollni (Göttingen), Denise Hörner (Göttingen)

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