Area of Specialization

Economics of Education – Development Economics – Applied Economics – Agricultural Economics.

Peer-reviewed articles

  1. The Effects of Decentralized and Video-based Extension on the Adoption of Integrated Soil Fertility Management – Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia. (2019) with Denise Hörner, Markus Frölich, Meike Wollni, The World Bank Economic Review, Volume 36, Issue 1, February 2022. [NBER]
  2. Using RCTs to Estimate Long-Run Impacts in Development Economics (2019), with
    Yue HuangMichael KremerEdward Miguel, Annual Review of Economics 2019 11:1523-561 [NBER WP 25356] [AnRE].
  3. Joint effects of parental stimulation and nutrition status on child development: Evidence from rural Cambodia (2019), with Jan Berkes, Abbie Raikes, Deon Filmer, Developmental Science 2019;
  4. Preschool and Parental Response in a Second-Best World: Evidence from a large-scale preschool construction experiment in Cambodia (2018),  with D. Filmer, K. Macours, S. Naudeau, Journal of Human Resources, Spring 2018 vol. 53 no. 2 474-512.  [Paper]
  5. Adjusting content to individual student needs: Further evidence from an in-service teacher training program (2016), Economics of Education Review, Volume 50, p.90-112 [Paper]
  6. L’assignation aléatoire comme méthode d’évaluation des politiques publiques (2014), Economie et Prévision, with Juliette Seban, vol.1, no. 204-205 [Paper]

Working Papers

  1. Teacher Training, Teacher Practices and Student Performance in Science: Evidence from a Randomized Study in French Primary Schools (2021), with Suzanne Bellue, Marc Gurgand, Valerie Munier and André Tricot. [Bellue_etal_WP2021]
  2. The Role of Mindset in Education : A Large-Scale Field Experiment in Disadvantaged Schools, (2020) with Elise Huillery, Adrien Bouguen, Axelle Charpentier, Yann Algan, Coralie Chevallier. R&R The Economic Journal [Huilery_Bouguen_etal_EJRR2023]
  3. Improving Preschool Provision and Encouraging Demand Evidence from a Large-Scale Construction Program, (2023), with Jan Berkes, Deon Filmer and Tsuyoshi Fukao. R&R Journal of Public Economics [World Bank Policy Research Working Paper] 
  4. The impact of a multidimensional program on nutrition and poverty in Burkina Faso (2019) with Andrew Dillon (Northwestern), Accepted at the Journal of Development Economics based on pre-results review [BITSS page]

Policy Papers

  1. La taille des classes influence-t-elle la réussite scolaire ?,  with Julien Grenet and Marc Gurgand [IPP Report]
  2. Impact Evaluation of Three Types of Early Childhood Development Interventions in Cambodia, with D.Filmer, K. Macours, S. Naudeau, World Bank report, 2013 [Report]
  3. Evaluation d’impact du dispositif Coup de Pouce Clé, with Dominique Goux, Marc Gurgand, Eric Maurin, Rapport final FEJ, May 2013. [FEJ Report]
  4. Randomized Controlled Experiments in Education, with Marc Gurgand, EENEE Analytical, Report No. 11, February 2012. [Report]


  • Réduire la tailles des classes améliore bien les performances scolaires [Article]
  • En France, les élèves les plus en difficulté ont du mal à apprendre à lire, The Huffigton Post, November 2015.  [Article]

Stata Code

Available on the SSC of stata:

  • icw_index generates inverted matrix weighting indexes a la Anderson (2008).
  • rctable generates tables for randomized controlled trial
  • clean_name clean string variable to remove all specific characteres.
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